Thursday, June 5, 2008

One whispers, two speak, a few talk but together we CRY out loud!!

“I want to see, real, living, and in the hours of my own days, that glory I create as an illusion. I want it real. I want to know that there is someone, somewhere, who wants it too. Or else what is the use of seeing it, and burning oneself for an impossible vision? A spirit, too, needs fuel. It can run dry.”

The vision, which definitely is not impossible, was abolishing Child Labor, first from our nation and then from this planet. It didn’t take much time, thanks to the platform called CRY, to meet all of us, with the same vision and vigor to wipe this stigma from our nation,

We, a bunch of yuva, first met in a small class room of a Khar school. We all had a common vision – to efface the Child labor beyond recognition.

Since 12th of June (Anti Child Labor day) was reaching, we all agreed that something at warfare level like campaign, need to be ignited as early as possible.

A Campaign is a tool of revolutionaries. The important thing is the revolution. The important thing is revolutionary cause, revolutionary idea, revolutionary objective, revolutionary sentiment, and revolutionary virtues!

The name is “Avalanche”. We decided to go into junta, meet them and wake them up and remind that they are being selfish. Selfish, because a heinous crime called Child Labor is happening right in front of our eyes and we all are numb. Being selfish is being evil.

We don’t say that they have to come on road, even if one forth of our junta CRIES out loud against this evil, our asleep government and local authorities will come alive.

As said by Nobel Prize winner R.K.Pachauri that it is essential to create awareness among the public (us), because at least in the democracies of the world, people will put pressure on the leaders to do what is expected of them.” This, perfectly, was our motive.

We have decided to canalize the junta at public places by reminding them their responsibilities and power as being a citizen of the biggest democracy in this Milky Way. We are providing them the dais to raise their voice against this social evil by writing a letter to local authorities (Labor commissioner) and putting their impression of thumb on the wall, to remind them about the havoc which will happen if they don’t act now.

We are an inspired bunch, with a fortitude and vision to wipe Child labor and provide every kid, the right to enjoy their childhood before they become the part of rat race for survival. Children are not merely resources for an economic machine.

Our inspiration can be molded in the words of Swami Vivekananda – “uotho, jago, aur lakshya ki taraf badho, aur tab tak na ruko jabtak ki lakshya na mile.”

The Avalanche is on...


Ashutosh Vaidya said...

Hey buddy,

Simply great yar.

You are doing a great work.

Keep it up...

Anonymous said...


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